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Talent Idea
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 Talent is the development of enterprises, is to establish a competitive advantage, to grasp the key to development opportunities. The company at the time of the establishment of the clear this point, willing to work with the company through thick and thin, stormy, able to do the work of the actual combat talent to give re-use, and focus on training those who keep up with the pace of the times have potential employees become the company's reserve talent The 
    In the recruitment and selection of talent, the company through internal selection and external recruitment and other channels to recruit talent, rich talent reserves, in order to achieve the new, activate the overall human resources creation capacity and potential to promote the rapid development of the company. In the process of selecting talent, pay attention to the individual quality of employees and the actual ability to work, regardless of qualifications, not only education, regardless of background, treated equally, as long as the talent is used. For different types of talent will be based on their personal ability and strengths, character and characteristics of comprehensive consideration, rational allocation, composition of a reasonable structure, interpersonal coordination, smooth communication, cooperation and efficient work team.

   In the training and encouragement of talent, the company provides employees with a wide range of career development opportunities and display their ability to space, so that every employee into the company, are likely to become talent, the full realization of personal values. As long as employees have the talent, willing to do the work, have the opportunity to be promoted, to achieve personal and company common progress, to share the company's development results.


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